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So, Why Did We Start Cincy Sleepovers?

When we had the crazy idea to start this company, our family and friends thought we were nuts. We both have full time jobs and two small children so our "spare time" is obviously limited, but we really felt Cincinnati needed a company like this. We know how hard it is to keep our kids entertained, even before the pandemic hit, so this seemed like a great way to help other families find a unique way to make memories with their kids. Allowing parents to have a kids birthday party at home right now is huge and we truly think this is a GREAT idea for a birthday party for any kid in Cincinnati. We are having so much fun, and the amount of interest after 48 hours of launch has been overwhelming. We hope to provide lifelong memories for kids all throughout Cincinnati and can't wait to unveil some more themes in the coming months. Thanks so much for the support up to this point!

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